Touching bliss


After you cross mile 2, you make a right hand turn and start ascending a long sloping hill. After another right and a little more elevation, a magnificent view of the City of Buffalo was before me. Dad owned a commercial real estate company with his business partner Jim. He never retired, he was 81 when he died. Through a small crack between two buildings I caught a glimpse of his. I smiled even...

The pause


There is this place I call the pause. It’s the space between reaction and action. As a pediatric emergency nurse I existed there almost daily, and this is the context I can best describe it in. Imagine a child coming into the trauma bay with CPR in progress. As nurses we assemble and work together as a team, executing what we need to do as we resuscitate. One nurse records the whole event...



In “The Book of Hope” by Douglas Abrahams, Jane Goodall contrasts hope and faith. “Hope” she says ” Is what enables us to keep going in the face of adversity. It is what we desire to happen, but we must be prepared to work hard to make it so.”. She continues on to say “Hope and faith are very different, faith is when you actually believe there is an...